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("u·nit·ed") :  joined together politically for a common purpose or by common feelings

Fight United

If you're here, you're a fight insider! 

(we are currently in early development)

  ·  450 million fight fans (85% of audience outside USA)

  ·  50,000 professionals - boxers, MMA, combat sports

  ·  At least 300,000 amateurs (as many as 1 million)

  ·  350 corporate and 20 million regional sponsors seeking the global audience reach to millennials that only fight sports offer!

Fight United is an underlying stack of technologies that's needed as the layer below everything that happens in combat sports, allowing information to flow so promotions, events, and fights can be more functional, fun, and financially successful than ever before. "Money ball" concepts and social media have upended sports globally. Fight United enables the next stage of growth and lets every promotion become more powerful, and every league dramatically increase distribution, reach and franchise value through audience participation, newly available content and data development.


"There is a historic opportunity to bring this community together... the legacy that we create will be that sports are truly the ultimate unifier"

TechCrunch, October 2019

The Fight United platform is a social media and digital ecosystem for athletes globally, in media-rich markets like North America and Europe as well as untapped markets with massive new audiences in places like Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.  Combat sports are one of the few truly global and uniting sports today.  Fight United opens-up access to this content that when captured globally, represents a 24/7 stream of excitement. And it's both the combat level of the fight itself, and the often more engaging athlete/ human stories of day-in-the-life blogs, podcasts, and video clips of anything our athletes want to share.

Fight United provides athletes a single unifying home for all their stats, a universal ranking, fight resume, media and social networks, where they can: (a) raise money from fans, locally and globally, and (b) engage audiences more actively on social media, while becoming more accessible to local and global sponsors.  Our aggregated athletes also create a diversified pool that gains collective financial power - to buy health/ fight insurance, to enable instantaneous micro-loans funded by the community of Fight United users, and to attract interest at scale.

With a publicity focus on cross-promotion, cross-nation, and crossover events, and a year end "fight diplomacy" tournament based upon current political events (with regional lead-up competition, where matches are chosen by fan participation), Fight United fans can follow the journey via livestream and never miss their favorite stars in combat via free viewing apps and 24/7 generated social media content -- creating the "always on" channel for fan emotions with numerous free and paid ways to participate. 

Fight United's data and digital approach is the future, and is developed specifically around enabling the next generation of Instagram stars and social influencers -- who we expect will be equally as prominent, famous, and followed as the biggest MMA and boxing stars today.  Geo-local content matching, revenue tracking from typical activities such as ticket selling, token rewarded fan employment, and influencer advertising on social media all combine to facilitate new ways to make money and generate highly valuable economic flows for promotions and leagues. 


We love the promotions of today (UFCPFL, etc.), yet the viewing landscape has shifted away from Cable TV and pay-per-view. Now YouTube, SnapChat, TikTokDaZN, AliSports, Tencent, and next generation free streaming services are the future. The new 'mobile and digital' paradigm means that the ways to monetize fight content are changing, and Fight United delivers these new digital revenue streams to the market, leveraging our technology know-how and team with insider fight-game knowledge that few can match. 

With Fight United's advanced background metrics and machine-learning embedded around all activities and interactions, sponsors in 2020 can begin dipping their toes into the waters with as little as US$100 (or by running full-scale global campaigns).  Many sponsors and advertisers will be able to participate for the first time in our fast growing sport, and will be able to choose and track individual fighters or regional 'portfolios' of athletes, viewing metrics with full A/B tested preferences, campaign results, and data/ EMV (earned media value) from Fight United's realtime analytics gateway. This will allow brands and sponsors to pinpoint, reach, and adjust on-the-fly around specific geographies or demographics of audiences.

Fighters will earn more, and keep more of their hard-fought monies. Today ahead of launch, Fight United co-manages a number of premiere boxers, kickboxers, and MMA fighters.  Going forward however, we will no longer manage fighters to ensure the elimination of any conflicts of interest with our market.

Fight United's approach is inclusive and we will actively partner with the best camps, managers, and promoters globally that want to expand the market with us, and can leverage the tools, data, capital, resources and corporate relationships we will bring to drive our effort.  Fight United brings the world's oldest sport into tomorrow's digital era.


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