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("Notos") : one who knows a person or thing, a voucher, witness 


(Notos-X is a set of innovation initiatives)

Notos-X brings an intersection of technology and investment experience to the rapidly growing digital assets sector, developed in conjunction with leading institutions.

+  Launching the platform, a social impact project around the world's fastest-growing sport of MMA that combines local demographic mapping, capital flow and influencer/ social media advertising to facilitate economic development. 
TapStats brings together fighters globally -- allowing sponsors to pinpoint geographies/ audience, and fighters to earn and keep more of their hard-fought monies. Notos leverages its relationships and management of a number of premiere and globally-recognized athletes.

+ Based our long experience in the private asset secondaries markets, Notos-X is currently developing asset-based and backed NFT cryptos specifically developed for long term institutional investors. Work includes improvements around governance, security, secondary trading custody, and other critical areas for institutional managers and other regulated investors where asset reliability is of utmost relevance.


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