Notos Capital is a globally recognized boutique Board Advisor on corporate strategy and a Principal Investor, often serving as the deal lead or sponsor.

Board Advisory
The venture bond strategy that we've pioneered is now being broadly adopted and reflects the return profile requirements of an increasing proportion of institutional private, alternative, high yield, and macro managers. Notos clients are global companies led by well-known CEOs and Boards.

Tier-1 institutional investment banks underwrite, distribute, and offer full sales and trading services globally around the venture bonds, convertibles, and other case specific hybrid debt-equity capital structures that we advise on. 

Principal Investment
Notos is backed by a global set of traditional institutions investing in Notos as an asset manager, in Notos-led commingled vehicles, and as special accounts.


Notos makes direct investments from its own capital with further backing from NYSCRF and other LPs including pensions, coinvestment and funds-of-funds, state-owned investment entities, and publicly traded companies.

  • Control, minority, and structured liquidity investments.

  • Generalist investing around high growth technology-driven companies with clear visibility toward EBITDA.  

  • Interest and focus on technology systems and services in fintech, media & advertising, search, data storage, and blockchain. 

  • Selectively consider late stage unicorn secondary opportunities (one-off or portfolios) with recurring product-based revenues and/or undisputed market leadership.

  • Selectively consider publicly listed companies where our involvement can make a substantial difference to all shareholders.

  • Able to acquire positions on a primary or secondary basis where such transaction creates advantages for the stakeholders and/or the company. 




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